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If you were drowning, you'd want someone to throw you a lifeline.
Throwing lifeline to drowning person
Well, here's a lifeline for people


Got a rant about being disorganized?
Contribute a rant here.
Rants may be randomly shown.




Do you Love being organized, but NOT so much the organizing? 
Do you C r i n g e at the thought of organizing the tons of content on your computers? 

Do you S h u d d e r wondering what's lurking on your drives you may have neglected, or even lost track of, over time?

Does P r o c r a s t i n a t i o n creep in, rear its ugly head, sieze, overcome and hold you back when you attempt to get organized?! 
"Good Grief!" 




What's On Your Drives?
How Organized Is It?





Hard drive:
 A digital storage device, like a spinning digital galaxy with a voracious black hole at its core. Unsuspecting downloads have been known to fall into the black hole's swirling, chaotic abyss, never to be found again.





Supporting The Headache
Pain Relief Industry!

Your Chaos!

Full-Auto &
Semi-Auto (Drag-n-Drop) Cataloging;
Track Recent Downloads;
Expand Archives;
Filter Duplicates;
Harvest Metadata;
Online Validation;
Annotate Content;
Annotate Campaigns;
Annotate Past/Present/Future Events;
Seamlessly Track Content Usage;
Raise Shields Around Content
(Secured Content currently readable on Windows only;
work on other platforms in progress);
Library Backup;
Know What Content You Have, or Have Not, Already Opened/Viewed;
Add Metadata to Any File